Industrial Impact

Pathways to Impact - Collaboration

Industrial Impact

Through close collaboration with industrial stakeholders the Network+ will develop a pipeline to innovation allowing projects to advance up the technology readiness levels (TRL), this will occur via the “Discipline Hops” and industrially relevant Pathfinder projects. It is envisaged that the Network will work with its industrial partners and the EPSRC Impact Innovation Awards at each institution to enable this to happen.


Pathfinder Working with Industry

These are proof of concept studies, aimed at working with industry where industry contributes 50% of the cost. It is expected that these projects will also draw in funding from institutional EPSRC IAA accounts. Awards of up to £10k per project.

Discipline Hops

This offers the opportunity for members of the EPS academic community to undertake secondments or “Discipline Hop” into the clinical environment in the new proton therapy centres in the UK. It offers the opportunity to understand more about this new type of therapy and develop links with the clinical community as it ramps up to clinical treatment. There are also opportunities for “Discipline Hops” to PBT centres in USA and Europe. Each “Discipline Hop” award will be about £20k. This will pay up to £3k to cover teaching commitments during the discipline hop with the rest of the funding being for travel and subsistence. There will also be opportunities for secondments with our industry partners. Applications will be made via the website.

Network+ Toolkit – Collaboration

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