Developing a National Infrastructure

Pathways to Impact - Collaboration

Developing a National Infrastructure

The Network+ will also allow a national infrastructure for proton research to be built across the UK. This will provide the UK with a unique resource that capitalises on government investment. Through a “ticketing mechanism” where beam-time is requested through research grants or industrial collaboration this could become a sustainable resource for UK researchers seeking access to proton beams. This will allow the entire UK community to benefit from the government investment. It and the other Network+ activities will lead to new collaborations both nationally and internationally. The pump-priming funding available through the Network+’s Pathfinder projects will mean that small scale “proof of principle” projects can be initiated which can then lead on to larger funding applications to RCUK, charities, Innovate UK or industrially funded projects. Likewise, the “Discipline Hops” will generate new collaborations, research grant applications, knowledge exchange and prototypes. Other outcomes could include publications, patents and policy documents.

Pathfinder Proof of Concept

These are projects which are aimed at a “proof of concept” but do not require beam-time. Awards will typically be £5-10k, but exceptionally may go up to £20k.

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