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Academic Impact

Academic Impact will be realised through the Pathfinder and “Discipline Hopping” schemes as well as through the travel grants. The Network+ will allow the EPS community to work in partnership with clinical, industrial and public sector stakeholders on a range of technical challenges that require a solution. Through the Network+ the UK academic community will access centres of excellence nationally and internationally and work with both clinical and industrial partners. In this way they will become aware of the areas of where solutions are needed, now, in five years and even in 10 years time. It is this closely-knit relationship that will allow technological challenges to be overcome and innovative solutions generated.

Discipline Hops

This offers the opportunity for members of the EPS academic community to undertake secondments or “Discipline Hop” into the clinical environment in the new proton therapy centres in the UK. It offers the opportunity to understand more about this new type of therapy and develop links with the clinical community as it ramps up to clinical treatment. There are also opportunities for “Discipline Hops” to PBT centres in USA and Europe. Each “Discipline Hop” award will be about £20k. This will pay up to £3k to cover teaching commitments during the discipline hop with the rest of the funding being for travel and subsistence. There will also be opportunities for secondments with our industry partners. Applications will be made via the website.

Travel for Early Career Researchers

The Network+ will offer travel grants aimed at early career researchers (PGR, postdocs, lecturers in the first 5 years of academic appointment) these will be called “EPSRC Early Career Awards”. These Early Career Awards will allow the researchers to travel to conferences that they would not normally attend (funded at 100%), often with a colleague (from the Network) who has more expertise in that area. The aim here is to break down “language” barriers between disciplines and to promote multi-disciplinary thinking. Travel grants will also be available for early career researchers looking to build international collaborations, to attend international conferences (up to 50% of cost) or who wish to talk to potential industrial sponsors, EU partners etc. (up to 50% of cost).


Pathfinder Beam-Time Projects

These are projects which use proton beam-time from research facilities within the UK. The awards cover beam time, travel and accommodation, for EPS researchers to carry out for “proof of concept” studies using this national proton infrastructure.


Pathfinder International Beam-Time

These projects utilise free beam-time which is being provided by our international partners in Europe and USA. In these cases a contribution is made towards travel and subsistence to use the beam-time, with awards up to £3k.

Network+ Toolkit – Collaboration

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